Monday, November 19, 2012

22 Things About Me on My 22 Birthday

Here is a List of 22 things that you may or may not know about me...

1.) I was born in Beaumont, Texas 22 years ago around 1:53 PM at 5lbs 6 oz.
2.) I am graduating in Graphic Design in April 2013.
3.) I have an English Bulldog, her name is Philly.
4.) I love going to school and i can't do my homework unless i have a clean house... i'm an organize freak.
5.) I live in Hawaii and I wouldn't change it for the world.
6.) When I was Young I used to introduce myself as Fruit because I loved fruit SO much...Still do.
7.) I am the youngest of 7 kids and I love each of my siblings.
8.) I love to play games...board games, Wii games, Card games.
9.) I love to hike and go to the beach to get myself Tan.
10.) I love doing Photography.
11.) I don't like doing the dishes.
12.) I despise having nubs in socks, they are so annoying.
13.) I have collected all the state coins and am now collecting the national park coins.
14.) I love to bake but when I usually bake I only have one slice or piece.
15.) I love hiking and i am currently creating a Hiking book about Oahu.
16.) I love love love Lasagna!!! (My mom would always ask me what i wanted for dinner and i would always say softly then loudly Lasagna!!!!)
17.) I love the Phantom of the Opera and having all of my sister's and Dave sing it at the top of our lungs!
18.) I can't stand it when Mike toots but when i toot i think it's the most Hilarious thing on the planet.
19.) My favorite candy is Junior Mints & I love Plumeria Flowers. 
20.) I seriously have the best friends and family in the world and i wouldn't change that for anything.
21.) I am addicted to Instagram and Peppermint Kisses (They only come out during Christmas so i stock up on them!)
22.) I can't stand to have long finger nails i always have them cut short. 

Well now you know some pretty interesting things about me. Hope you've enjoyed it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Color Run 2012

On November 3rd I ran in my first Color Run race in Kapolei. It was so much fun! I was in a group called "Run Like a Mother" Katie made up the group name and i wrote, "I'm not a mother but can i still be in your group???" Our friend Jackie commented back and said, "Your a mom to Philly so you can be in it." Both of my sister in laws ran in it, Katie and Jenni and I ran with Jenni. My dad also ran it with us and strolled Frank and Eliza. The Kids had such a great time. It's definitely the Happiest 5K On The Planet! I will be definitely be doing this race again! it's a party for sure. Who doesn't like color being thrown at them? Great time, great friends, and great company.

 This was the sunrise the morning of the race! I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was so i snapped a pic on the way to Kapolei.

                                                        Until next year! See ya then!

Michael's Birthday + Halloween

Mike Birthday is on the 28th of October and he  is one of those people who do not want the attention on himself for his birthday. I am the one who loves decorating, getting friends together and celebrating someone's life. Sometimes it's so hard to figure out what Mike wants to do because he won't tell me. Maybe it's a guy thing? Who knows but all i wanted to say was GET OVER IT and LET'S PARTAY!!!! But overall it was a low key night. My dad was in town and also Mike's Best friends The Hawkley's and the Gardner's were in town. I made some Shish-ka-bobs and a Peach pie and Carrot cake. (Mike's Favorites
 The night before Mike's Birthday we had a Tsunami warning and so we got all prepared and watched it happen in our back yard. the surge was about a foot high. My drawing really captures it huh!

                      Happy Birthday my main squeeze! 29 is your year! Love you tons! xoxo

Halloween this year was fun. Mike and i dressed up. I was a glow stick figure and mike was green man from (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.) Don't forget the Riot juice! I had a late class that night so we ended up just taking Brent & Katie's children around the block. They are the cutest. 
                                           We can't forget about Philly! She was a Pumpkin!

Carrie's Baby Shower

About a month ago I flew down to California for literally 48 hours. As most of y'all know i live in Hawaii and I am in the middle of a semester so I flew out on a Friday night red eye flight and got there Saturday Morning and came back to Hawaii Monday morning early. It was the most fun, exhausting weekend but I was so thrilled to have made it to Carrie's Baby Shower for little Van! It was so fun to be surrounded by friends and family.

I hope baby Van makes his appearance soon! His due date is on the 23 of this month! Eee

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Traveling to Utah

 Form California to Vegas now onto Utah! Utah was such a great trip for Mike and I. I got their two days before Mike came. He has been working so very hard for Vivint so he gave himself a break for 4 days to come up for his brothers wedding. There were tons of activities going on that week.
The first picture says it all. If you know Mike he Loves to hear KSL Radio and listen to the Night Side Project with Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry. For his Little sisters Birthday He Begged everyone to go to Costa Vida for dinner cause these peeps were going to be their. (Side note: Mike has tweeted these guys ever since we have been married so when he finally saw them in person he gave them both Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts) That's my man right there!
We Love our Schoneman Fam! 
 On July 21st Michael's Brother Steven Married his Sweet companion Mitzi for Time and all Eternity in the Bountiful Utah Temple! It was absolutely Gorgeous and a HOT day!

 I don't know what it is but whenever Michael and Scott get together it is always a party. The become inseparable! Best Buds For LIFE!

 Mike and I had the Chance to Visit our dear friend Julia & Matt Brown! They just got married in June. I was so happy to finally meet Julia's husband and we had a blast visiting and eating with them. We gave them some treats from the Island as well as a wedding gift. 

 Here are some other peoples we got to visit while we were in Utah...Paul and Deborah and their sweet Children!                                                            Stetson

By this time Michael had left Utah to go back and Sell and I stayed an extra day to celebrate Katie and Paul and their Baby Boy Garrett in their baby shower. All of those clothes that are hanging were Paul's when he was a little baby.
                                                            Can't wait to meet him!
Over all it was such a wonderful trip and we had a great time! We sure miss our family's while we are an ocean away! Come and Visit us!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

California Trip

Since this summer has been a little different with Mike working so much and hardly seeing him and one of our cars broken down and being stranded in Hauula for two weeks while Mike was on the other part of the island for 12 or more hours a day I needed a little vacation. Mike said, "If you find a good price for a ticket you can go home." I was stoked! I had found a great one way ticket to LAX for over $240. BOOM!
When I got to California My sister Emily & her family was visiting from Tuscon, AZ. I haven't seen them since December so that was a great treat! I did a little photoshoot with them on their last day of vacation! Miss you guys!
 When i was about 6 years old there is a picture just like the one below of all my sisters surrounding my mom and now 15 years later doing the same picture!
 On the 10 of July it was my parents 39th Anniversary! They are more in love with each other than the day they met in their 3rd grade class! These two people are the best examples I know and I have learned so many wise and great things from them. I am so glad that they are my parents and that they waited to have me as their 7th child!
               I liked seeing Carrie's lil baby bump! I can't wait to meet Baby Van Patrick in November!
                          There was a ton of Carrie and Pat time and having Jamming sessions

I got to see this big guy! I can't believe Jason is 12 and will be a teenager in October! Man time has gone by so fast.
                                There was a ton of Ham time and a lot of sleeping and snoring.
                                                     Miss all of you guys already!

Independence Day 2012

I just wanted to document our 4th this year. Mike had the day off of work for Vivint this 4th of July but he ended up selling until 4PM. That was okay because while he was selling I went with Katie, Brent & their family to Pupukea (Sharks Cove) to enjoy the day in the Sun! Katie's Cousin's were there Zack & Zaira and they were so much fun to hang out with.
Once Mike got off from work he met us at the beach... Little did we know we had to get to Turtle Bay before the fireworks started. I met the whole Vivint crew and they are such wonderful people. Funny story: So We met up with Brent and Katie at Turtle Bay with the kiddoes and about 5 minutes before the fireworks show was happening we could see sheets of rain coming our way. Thank goodness we brought a huge blanket because mike and I acted as a tent around B, K, the kids and Zack and Zaira. We stood over them for about another 5 minutes and then we heard the announcer countdown from 10... (it had stopped raining then) so we flipped over the blanket, set it down as fast as we could and everyone enjoyed the Show.
 It was a great day to spend some time with my hunny since he works 80 hour weeks!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer so far...

Hello Friends,
I have no idea who actually likes reading or checking out what is happening in our lives, but in case you were wondering Michael & I have been on the busy mode. It seems like life is seriously on the go and I don't have the time to even think or sit down and write on the blog.
Since my last post I was just finishing up my winter semester of school. Well I had about a week break until i went back to school for the summer. (That was the fastest 6 weeks of school.) During those six weeks I had the opportunity to learn from a wonderful photographer. Her name is Monique Saenz and she takes the most beautiful photos ever. Please go check her out! You will not be disappointed. On that note I did take beginning photography and I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun to roam around the island and take pictures of some pretty interesting things. I also took History 201 and I'm happy to say that i got a solid A! An A in a history class that was only 6 weeks long... crazy! But I did it none the less :) I also took Art History but that class is bridging over to the second part of summer.
I call this one the beheaded palms (Part of my final portfolio)

This project was just interaction and i wanted to see how it was as life as a mother at the beach

This is my self portrait

Frank turned 1 in May! It was so much fun!
 For the first two weeks of June my parents came to visit! It was such a treat because last time they came it was flooding and raining the whole time. But this time around it was glorious...It was so sunny and they had such a blast! I loved having them around. It was also fun to Have my dad be here on Fathers day! It was a blast.  They are seriously the best parents ever and i could not ask for anything better. COme back and visit us soon :)
Snorkling at Wiamea Bay 
Lovely temple session 

Of course we got our fill of Matsumoto SHAVE ICE! 

Fathers Day at John and Jenni's casa

I was so happy to Celebrate Father's day with my dad! He is so handsome. See the similarities???

Of course i had to add a picture of Philly. She is currently in heat and all she does is Sleep .

Mikes day goes something like this: Monday through Saturday 7:00- Wake up 10:00- Leave Hauula and drive to Waipahu- For those who do not live on this island it's about an hour and fifteen Minute drive. So from 12:00 -10:00Pm or later he works for the lovely Vivint. Selling alarms around the island has been different from what he has done but he really enjoys it. He likes the moment when someone wants/needs the security in their lives. He has finally got his groove and has been selling pretty consistently. I have such gratitude for him and for how hard he really works. Some days are super long hours about 15-16. But he is very dedicated and I admire him for that.

I just LOVE this BOY!
I have a four week break off from school and have been working doing cleanings for some vacation rentals at Turtle Bay. I also clean my parents house which is in Hauula and manage it with my brother while they are off the island. It's good money and I feel happy to contribute to our family finances. I have been trying to go to the beach, doing crafts- side note- my sister is pregnant with a little boy and my sister-in-law katie Johansen is pregnant with a little boy as well so the crafts keep on coming, playing with cute Philly and visiting friends and family. Sometimes it does get really lonely without mike but i have been putting on a smiley face and taking each day at a time. We have committed ourselves to doing Vivint till the end of the summer and then who knows after that. I will definitely keep you posted.