Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daddio is 60!!!

MIke Speed turned 60 on the 13 of December!!! My sister Stephanie planned a surprise party for my dad the weekend before is birthday. My mom helped me out and I got to surprise my pop when he flew in the next day! Brent & John actually met him at his gate and that really shocked him. He said, "I don't get surprised too often, but that was a surprise." I hopped out of the car and he was taken a back :) Then we went back to the Vegas House and set up for the Partay!!! Be aware...Tons of Pictures!
 The biggest surprise of them all was that My dad's Parents and brother came all the way from Texas! What a treat!!
 The man doesn't know what to do with all the attention!
 John gave dad the best gift! I mean look at that face. A T-Pain Microphone...keep the tunes coming pops!
 Stephanie made up a song for dad and Carrie accompanied on the guitar. Emily made the family slideshow. So much fun.
 Twins! nope it's Papa  George and Mike aka Father & son
 My favorite Picture
 Not only seeing family was amazing but I got to see my baby girl Philly! She is SO big now! I can't wait till she comes and lives with Michael & I in January :)
To you Dad! Happy Birthday!!!

Laie Temple Visitors Center

On the first weekend of December Paul & Deborah as well as Katie and her kids and Michael & I went to the Temple Visitors Center. We walked from Katie's house and saw all the fun lights that were on the way to the Visitors Center. This time of year is SO fun! The Center was filled with about 16 different Christmas trees! I couldn't believe it. I realized that tree was decorated by each stake on Oahu! How rad is that?! 
 Michael & I's is the Byu-H 3rd Stake. It was filled with all the different flags around the world! I loved  it. Sorry about the picture quality (it came out real blurry).
I love this picture! I love my family SO much! I am sad to see Paul & Deb and the kids move to the mainland but it was really fun to do this activity. If you blow up the picture Stetson is looking towards Christ. This is truly the meaning of Christmas. I hope each and everyone of us looks towards Jesus Christ during this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 16, 2011


My Parents were in town for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun spending time with them! Here are some photos to share. I hope Your thanksgivings were wonderful!
 The Cooks!
My Love 

For Both our Birthdays

Brent & Katie are the most sweetest, Genuine people that I know! For Mike's Birthday They gave him a ticket to see Bright Eyes. I was a little bummed because there was only one ticket. But when my Birthday came around, they surprised me and gave me a ticket to see Bright Eyes as well! It was such a fun date to go with Brent and Katie to see Bright Eyes. It was their last gig playing on their Tour! It was a great show and three hours of grand Music!

The Bathroom floors were rad!

Birthday Weekend for B!

I turned 21 this year on the 19th of November! It was a great weekend! It started out by going to the BYU-Hawaii  Fall Ball. It was at Turtle Bay Resort and it was a great time! Then on Saturday we had a full day of activities. Mike made a checklist of all the things that we could do that day and let me tell you we almost did all of them. He woke me up with a lovely Breakfast in Bed! What a doll! 
 Sorry about the photos (iphone)
 Went Surfing at Castles! It was raining and it was super choppy but oh well I didn't mind. Katie & Brent came with the Kiddoes :)
 We then went to Ted's Bakery and I got me some Coconut cake! It was delicious.
 First time getting carded! We went to Sushi down in Waikiki that was for people 21 and up! 
 The Sushi was AMAZING!
 In the Company of Great friends and Family
 Photo credit to Evan Fa
 Did i mention that it was Kareoke Sushi?!  Everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday to me and then, you guessed it sang Whitney Houston's " I Wanna Dance with Somebody"
 Even Ted sang on my Birthday "Living on a Prayer" 
I am so thankful for this guy and making my birthday so special! Love you Michael.


 A little before the 31st my mom came into town. We took John & Jenni's children to the pumpkin patch.  
 Pepper, Brent & Ethan at the Waialua Pumpkin Patch.
 Mike was Santa and I was Lady Gaga.
 We met up with Brent & Katie. Eliza- Sleeping Beauty & Frank- her owl
Also, Deborah came with all the Kids. Deb-Vampire, Bella-Taylor Swift, Jonah-Black Spider Man, Stetson-Dog. It was a fun night.

Hello There.

I have been way out of the loop lately with school but I do have some time to catch all of you up on what has been going on with the Schoneman Fam :) In October it was Michael's Birthday. Did I mention that it was his GOLDEN birthday??? He turned 28 on the 28th of October.

 I made Mike a Golden Pinata!
 Eliza was the first up to luck
 Then came Mike...Yup no luck for him
 Then came Clark...Still no luck...I am one good Pinata Maker.
 After some grand Whacks! Scotty finally got the Golden "M" to open.
Eliza was very pleased with all the candy :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September = School time

I woke up this morning with knots in my stomach. I was completely anxious and nervous. That can only mean one thing...SCHOOL. I am starting up school again here at the lovely BYU-Hawaii campus. I feel very blessed that I could get in for the fall. 
My husband Michael works for the school and I was supposed to start in Winter but somehow my wonderful man got me in for Fall! I was elated with excitement because I have not been in school since last fall. 
I know that as I start school tomorrow I will still feel that anxiousness but yet that thrill for learning that I have always loved. I am a declared Art Major but more emphasis in Graphic Design which i am thrilled that BYU-H has just recently offered it. I'm excited to see what my creativity brings to life. 
I met up with my guidance counselor and if everything goes to plan I will be a college graduate by Spring of 2013.
It's wonderful to be back in Paradise.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Becoming a resident in HI

I should be unpacking but I am blogging instead... It has been quite sometime since I have done a post but here is what I am doing...Moving! Mike and I found a studio apartment here in Hauula and we are SO excited to be not living in suitcases anymore...

Our life in boxes.

Our life in suitcases.

I am really happy to finally make our first home in Hawaii a Home of our own. I hope to post Pics when it's all designed out...But for now I just love looking at this man's face :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As of Late

I finally made it out to Hawaii last Tuesday & I was thrilled to see my husband after two and 1/2 weeks. I had a great time with my parents and Steph, Dave & Phoebe don't get me wrong, but I did miss my husband. 
Story of getting to Hawaii... Hawaiian air had a 6 hour delay at LAX so my mom and I went shopping at West field and had dinner at Houston's! So yummy. I went back to the airport, really emotional and went to my gate. It was odd because no one went to my gate. I almost missed my flight! 5 & 1/2 hours later I made it to the island. I had a voucher because of the delay for a taxi. Oh did I mention I got in at 2:30 AM (not fun)
Taxi guy dropped me off at the house...thank goodness for the voucher or else it would have cost me $156.00! By the time I got there it was 4:30 AM. Mike woke up and it was so nice to be in his arms again. 

Anyways- We are currently homeless and looking for housing. Carrie & Pat have graciously let us stay at their place while they are on vacation. We are watching HAM! He has been a pleasure. He is very thick, Has even stinkier toots than Philly, and is just a cuddle bug. He loves being scratched on his bum! ha
Story of Ham: took him out for a stroll yesterday and while I was picking up his waste it Poured rain all of a sudden. We were both soaked & it wasn't very fun. But when we walked into the door the rain automatically stopped...that's Hawaii for you, one never knows when the sporadic rain storms are about to happen.
What a hunk!

Last Saturday our friend Christina Hathaway went through the Laie Temple. It was such a treat for Michael & I to go because neither of us have gone into that temple. It is very quaint. Love that temple :)

Both of us have been spending lots of time with these two cuties! Eliza & Frank. They are so much fun.

Since I left Carrie & Pat have been in California and have been spending time with Philly. I miss that girl SO much. It's been killing me. I know that she is being taken care of by fantastic people. By the looks of it she is loving Pat.

Friday, July 22, 2011

DIY- Laundry Bag

Alright everyone, here is an easy activity to do. Make your cute laundry bag. I made these the other day for a Relief Society activity for the homeless. It takes about thirty minutes to do. I will give you step by step information on how to make the bag.

  1. Pick out any fabric from a fabric store...I usually go to Joanns but any fabric will do.
  2. The fabric must be folded. Cut a 44 inch (or 22 inch folded) width by 36 inch length.
  3. Turn the fabric right sides together.
  4.  From the top go down three inches from where the opening of the fabric is and put tape around that edge for the button hole for the string to go through.
  5. Sew 1/2'' seam allowance down to the tape, follow the side with skipping the tape (for the button hole) and then sew the rest of the side and the bottom. make sure to backstitch at the beginning and also the end.
  6. Iron the fabric and the seams so they are flat. Also, iron a seam for the top of the bag. 
  7. Diagram below explains: start from the top seam of the bag and go down to were the hole is and go around it. Come up and go around the entire top seam. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.

    8.Where the top seam is from the diagram fold it down over the button  hole so the button hole is fully exposed inside the bag.
    9. Once folded over the button hole, sew around the entire bag again, just how you sewed the top seam around the entire bag. (Make sure to Backstitch at the beginning and end)  
   10. Put and type of string or ribbon through the bag and viola! You have yourself a Laundry bag :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4th of July---I know it's a little late

For the 4th of July Michael & I went up to Kaysville to spend the holiday with his family. The morning of we watched the Kaysville Parade. It was nuts! So many people and tons of Candy...I must admit Katie & I had our bag and picked up the candy that was thrown from the floats. Ha! I am such a kid.
 We had an absolute ball...nothing gets better than spending time with the family, having a BBQ, & ending the night with fireworks :) The 4th is my favorite Holiday.

 Pre-party sparklers with Katie & Paul
 The actual firework show..P.S. this type of firework is my favorite. It reminds me of pixie dust.

 After the firework show and having fun ...

Happy 4th America