Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Michael's Birthday + Halloween

Mike Birthday is on the 28th of October and he  is one of those people who do not want the attention on himself for his birthday. I am the one who loves decorating, getting friends together and celebrating someone's life. Sometimes it's so hard to figure out what Mike wants to do because he won't tell me. Maybe it's a guy thing? Who knows but all i wanted to say was GET OVER IT and LET'S PARTAY!!!! But overall it was a low key night. My dad was in town and also Mike's Best friends The Hawkley's and the Gardner's were in town. I made some Shish-ka-bobs and a Peach pie and Carrot cake. (Mike's Favorites
 The night before Mike's Birthday we had a Tsunami warning and so we got all prepared and watched it happen in our back yard. the surge was about a foot high. My drawing really captures it huh!

                      Happy Birthday my main squeeze! 29 is your year! Love you tons! xoxo

Halloween this year was fun. Mike and i dressed up. I was a glow stick figure and mike was green man from (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.) Don't forget the Riot juice! I had a late class that night so we ended up just taking Brent & Katie's children around the block. They are the cutest. 
                                           We can't forget about Philly! She was a Pumpkin!


  1. Love your depiction of the Tsunami!!
    I did not know that Michael's favorite cake was Carrot. My own son. haha

  2. Matt is the same way and I'm just like you! I want to gather people together and he just wants to hide out, lame :) you are such a good wife, I bet Mike loved it! And fun Halloween costumes!