Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September = School time

I woke up this morning with knots in my stomach. I was completely anxious and nervous. That can only mean one thing...SCHOOL. I am starting up school again here at the lovely BYU-Hawaii campus. I feel very blessed that I could get in for the fall. 
My husband Michael works for the school and I was supposed to start in Winter but somehow my wonderful man got me in for Fall! I was elated with excitement because I have not been in school since last fall. 
I know that as I start school tomorrow I will still feel that anxiousness but yet that thrill for learning that I have always loved. I am a declared Art Major but more emphasis in Graphic Design which i am thrilled that BYU-H has just recently offered it. I'm excited to see what my creativity brings to life. 
I met up with my guidance counselor and if everything goes to plan I will be a college graduate by Spring of 2013.
It's wonderful to be back in Paradise.