Friday, January 4, 2013

December Came and Went

December was a crazy, wonderful, magical month. I was finishing up me fall semester which I am proud to say that I did really well in. I am also really happy to say that I will be walking in Graduation in April and finishing my college career in June. Time is flying and I just want for it to stop for like 5 seconds so I can get caught up in everything.
For the most part of the month Mike has been super ill but he is now starting to feel better. Poor guy he works hard doing Solar and even when he's sick. He's a stud! Christmas break was much needed. It was so fun to Have both John and Jenni here as well as Brent and Katie and my parents flew out for Christmas so it was a treat. My parents spoiled Michael and I. Are belly's were always fed and it was just so nice to have them here. Katie, Brent, Mike and I slept over at my parent's house on Christmas eve and it was a blast! My friend Christiana was unable to go home for Christmas so she spent the holidays with my family. (Sorry i didn't capture any pictures of us keeks.) Well I hope your Holiday season was full of fun activities and spent with the one's you love!


        Santa Spoiled me with my New Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love it!
Mike with his stylish New Ray Bans


The Schonemans

November Birthday

My last post was on my actual birthday. I had no idea what was in store for me that night but some people did AKA Michael P. and my dear sister- in- law Katie. A couple of months ago I told Katie that I have never had an ice cream out of an ice cream truck! Well on Oahu there is an ice cream truck that is called Lickety Split. I hear the tunes of the music when Mike and I lived in Hauula, I see it on the North Shore and it comes to the Point ALL the TIME! But whenever i hear the tunes of that magical ice cream truck I have already eaten or I didn't have cash on me or I just had ice cream out of my freezer. SO... Mike and Katie called all or our friends to come over around 6:30. Katie put on some music and not to my knowledge was texting the Lickety Split ice cream man. When he texted her that he was around the corner, she turned down the music and I could hear the lovely tunes of the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! Right when I heard the tunes I was like, NO WAY!!! NO you didn't! OH MY GOSHHH!!!! I was literally so excited that I was crying! I was in Heaven. What a way to start my 22nd year!

 The Ice Cream man was seriously so awesome! He even dressed the part! I mean look at him!