Monday, November 19, 2012

22 Things About Me on My 22 Birthday

Here is a List of 22 things that you may or may not know about me...

1.) I was born in Beaumont, Texas 22 years ago around 1:53 PM at 5lbs 6 oz.
2.) I am graduating in Graphic Design in April 2013.
3.) I have an English Bulldog, her name is Philly.
4.) I love going to school and i can't do my homework unless i have a clean house... i'm an organize freak.
5.) I live in Hawaii and I wouldn't change it for the world.
6.) When I was Young I used to introduce myself as Fruit because I loved fruit SO much...Still do.
7.) I am the youngest of 7 kids and I love each of my siblings.
8.) I love to play games...board games, Wii games, Card games.
9.) I love to hike and go to the beach to get myself Tan.
10.) I love doing Photography.
11.) I don't like doing the dishes.
12.) I despise having nubs in socks, they are so annoying.
13.) I have collected all the state coins and am now collecting the national park coins.
14.) I love to bake but when I usually bake I only have one slice or piece.
15.) I love hiking and i am currently creating a Hiking book about Oahu.
16.) I love love love Lasagna!!! (My mom would always ask me what i wanted for dinner and i would always say softly then loudly Lasagna!!!!)
17.) I love the Phantom of the Opera and having all of my sister's and Dave sing it at the top of our lungs!
18.) I can't stand it when Mike toots but when i toot i think it's the most Hilarious thing on the planet.
19.) My favorite candy is Junior Mints & I love Plumeria Flowers. 
20.) I seriously have the best friends and family in the world and i wouldn't change that for anything.
21.) I am addicted to Instagram and Peppermint Kisses (They only come out during Christmas so i stock up on them!)
22.) I can't stand to have long finger nails i always have them cut short. 

Well now you know some pretty interesting things about me. Hope you've enjoyed it!


  1. awe i loved this and learning things about you!! haha its funny, we have a lot in common. for instance: #4, #5, #9, #11, #18 hahaha so true and same for me, #19 dude junior mints BOMB, #20, #21 omg bethany, lets eat them together, #22. wahoo for this list. so glad your bday was amazing im so glad!

  2. Fun list! I loved 22 and felt sad saying bye to it :)