Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Color Run 2012

On November 3rd I ran in my first Color Run race in Kapolei. It was so much fun! I was in a group called "Run Like a Mother" Katie made up the group name and i wrote, "I'm not a mother but can i still be in your group???" Our friend Jackie commented back and said, "Your a mom to Philly so you can be in it." Both of my sister in laws ran in it, Katie and Jenni and I ran with Jenni. My dad also ran it with us and strolled Frank and Eliza. The Kids had such a great time. It's definitely the Happiest 5K On The Planet! I will be definitely be doing this race again! it's a party for sure. Who doesn't like color being thrown at them? Great time, great friends, and great company.

 This was the sunrise the morning of the race! I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was so i snapped a pic on the way to Kapolei.

                                                        Until next year! See ya then!

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