Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Becoming a resident in HI

I should be unpacking but I am blogging instead... It has been quite sometime since I have done a post but here is what I am doing...Moving! Mike and I found a studio apartment here in Hauula and we are SO excited to be not living in suitcases anymore...

Our life in boxes.

Our life in suitcases.

I am really happy to finally make our first home in Hawaii a Home of our own. I hope to post Pics when it's all designed out...But for now I just love looking at this man's face :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As of Late

I finally made it out to Hawaii last Tuesday & I was thrilled to see my husband after two and 1/2 weeks. I had a great time with my parents and Steph, Dave & Phoebe don't get me wrong, but I did miss my husband. 
Story of getting to Hawaii... Hawaiian air had a 6 hour delay at LAX so my mom and I went shopping at West field and had dinner at Houston's! So yummy. I went back to the airport, really emotional and went to my gate. It was odd because no one went to my gate. I almost missed my flight! 5 & 1/2 hours later I made it to the island. I had a voucher because of the delay for a taxi. Oh did I mention I got in at 2:30 AM (not fun)
Taxi guy dropped me off at the house...thank goodness for the voucher or else it would have cost me $156.00! By the time I got there it was 4:30 AM. Mike woke up and it was so nice to be in his arms again. 

Anyways- We are currently homeless and looking for housing. Carrie & Pat have graciously let us stay at their place while they are on vacation. We are watching HAM! He has been a pleasure. He is very thick, Has even stinkier toots than Philly, and is just a cuddle bug. He loves being scratched on his bum! ha
Story of Ham: took him out for a stroll yesterday and while I was picking up his waste it Poured rain all of a sudden. We were both soaked & it wasn't very fun. But when we walked into the door the rain automatically stopped...that's Hawaii for you, one never knows when the sporadic rain storms are about to happen.
What a hunk!

Last Saturday our friend Christina Hathaway went through the Laie Temple. It was such a treat for Michael & I to go because neither of us have gone into that temple. It is very quaint. Love that temple :)

Both of us have been spending lots of time with these two cuties! Eliza & Frank. They are so much fun.

Since I left Carrie & Pat have been in California and have been spending time with Philly. I miss that girl SO much. It's been killing me. I know that she is being taken care of by fantastic people. By the looks of it she is loving Pat.