Tuesday, March 22, 2011

K & P

On March 18th Mike & I got to see his Little sister Katie get married to this wonderful guy named Paul Johansen in the Salt Lake City Temple. It was such an awesome experience. Oh and did i get to mention..March 18th was our one month anniversary & what other great way to spend it with Katie & Paul at their wedding :) Katie was ravishing in her bright colors and Paul was extremely giddy! I loved
it! Yay for LOVE...

Me with the Beautiful Bride

Of Course we wanted the typical stair photo at the Salt Lake Temple 

Need I say more...

One thing that Mike really loves is his brother Scott. They are quite the riot when they get together. 

 Mike & I with the lovely Katie & Paul Johansen

And they're off on to their Magical Disney Land Honeymoon :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Luna De Miel

 Mike & I started off our Luna De Miel by going on a 7-day Mexican Riviera Cruise! It was our first time going on a cruise & we HIGHLY recommend it. It was very relaxing and everything was catered to our desire. The Oosterdam was our boat name. Enjoy!

First stop Puerto Vallarta!Our big adventure that we wanted to do was go canopy zip lining & that is exactly what we accomplished.

Mike Zip- Lining

Bethany Repeling

On the boat we were very amused with this mirror and we would at least go by it 10 times and make funny faces as we would go by.

Second stop Mazatlan!

We came upon this plaza where there was a school band performance. It was very neat to hear what these young tikes can do. They sounded awesome! Mazatlan is more of a busy market city, so we did a lot of walking and checked out the streets.

There was some very rad graffiti.

Along the boardwalk we came across these little buddies.

Third stop Cabo San Lucas

The Rock formations were just phenomenal and the waters were so clear and blue. Cabo was our favorite stop. It was very sunny & the water was cool and refreshing.

Us on the water taxi.

Lovers Beach... (Literally that was the name of the beach)

To us! And every other young couple embarking on the journey called Marriage.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Blog World

Hello My Dear Friends & Family-
As most of you know I Bethany Michelle Speed was married to the man of my dreams Michael Paul Schoneman on February 18th, 2011 in San Diego. It was such a beautiful day. We enjoyed seeing our most closest friends there and it would not have been the same without them or our incredible families.
We went on a Mexican Riviera Cruise for our honeymoon and it was awesome! if you have never been on a cruise, both of us highly recommend it. Cabo San Lucas was our favorite stop of the cruise. All we did was Eat as much food as we could possibly eat, Sleep & be Married! It was sunny and warm and we tanned on the beautiful, Lovers Beach in Cabo.

We now reside in our beautiful home in Draper, Utah. I'm still not a fan of the state but somehow it is growing on me a little :) I have been working hard to make our home a heaven on earth. It's been coming together and i have been having such a fun time decorating it with my creative skills.
I am definitely excited for Mike & My's adventure together.
I hope you Enjoy the Schoneman Blog :)