Friday, July 22, 2011

DIY- Laundry Bag

Alright everyone, here is an easy activity to do. Make your cute laundry bag. I made these the other day for a Relief Society activity for the homeless. It takes about thirty minutes to do. I will give you step by step information on how to make the bag.

  1. Pick out any fabric from a fabric store...I usually go to Joanns but any fabric will do.
  2. The fabric must be folded. Cut a 44 inch (or 22 inch folded) width by 36 inch length.
  3. Turn the fabric right sides together.
  4.  From the top go down three inches from where the opening of the fabric is and put tape around that edge for the button hole for the string to go through.
  5. Sew 1/2'' seam allowance down to the tape, follow the side with skipping the tape (for the button hole) and then sew the rest of the side and the bottom. make sure to backstitch at the beginning and also the end.
  6. Iron the fabric and the seams so they are flat. Also, iron a seam for the top of the bag. 
  7. Diagram below explains: start from the top seam of the bag and go down to were the hole is and go around it. Come up and go around the entire top seam. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.

    8.Where the top seam is from the diagram fold it down over the button  hole so the button hole is fully exposed inside the bag.
    9. Once folded over the button hole, sew around the entire bag again, just how you sewed the top seam around the entire bag. (Make sure to Backstitch at the beginning and end)  
   10. Put and type of string or ribbon through the bag and viola! You have yourself a Laundry bag :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4th of July---I know it's a little late

For the 4th of July Michael & I went up to Kaysville to spend the holiday with his family. The morning of we watched the Kaysville Parade. It was nuts! So many people and tons of Candy...I must admit Katie & I had our bag and picked up the candy that was thrown from the floats. Ha! I am such a kid.
 We had an absolute ball...nothing gets better than spending time with the family, having a BBQ, & ending the night with fireworks :) The 4th is my favorite Holiday.

 Pre-party sparklers with Katie & Paul
 The actual firework show..P.S. this type of firework is my favorite. It reminds me of pixie dust.

 After the firework show and having fun ...

Happy 4th America

Leaving Utah...Hello Hawaii

As most people know Mike got a job working at BYU-Hawaii with film/editing. We made the decision super fast. It was a Thursday that we made the decision and by that Saturday we were moved out. We spent the weekend up in Kaysville for the 4th and then had Philly's surgery on Tuesday we packed up the car and left early Wednesday morning. Of course we saw Lexy on our way out. 

 We were all pretty tight in the element. It was sure fun though.

While Mike was in California for three days my Parents treated us to the Chart House for dinner. 
 Both of us with our Mikes

Michael & I loved Playing with this sweet girl Phoebe.
 One last family photo before i drove Michael to LAX. Philly & I both miss him very much. 

X Bethany

Philly's surgery

Philly Has had these things called Cherry Eye's...

Pitiful I know, so we took her to the vet to have them surgically tucked. She had stitches below each eye. The veterinarian said that in a week we can cut them out ourselves. At first I was very apprehensive about it. I got up the courage and took them out myself! Mike was so proud.

 Crazy huh!

Good as new Philly Girl :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Rusty

Lexy & Jay Merrifield had there baby BOY today! You both are going to be such wonderful parents. Congrats! We love you!
Russell Lee Merrifield :)
Welcome to the World Rusty!