Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday


 If you were apart of my family you would automatically know where this outfit came from...need help??? My Granny Freeman Made this outfit for herself and i couldn't help but not where this on Easter...It screams spring!

 Mike & I had Easter dinner over at Lexy & Jay's house. Lex made an amazing ham, Green bean Casserol, & Heavenly Potatoes. It was scrumptious.

 I made the contribution of Sauteed Asparagus, & Granny Eve's famous Rolls & Cinnamon Rolls for Dessert! YUM

 Lexy wanted to dye eggs, so we all got into the Easter spirit. It was a lot of fun.

 Lexy Enjoying herself.

After we dyed the eggs...Mike & Jay wanted to be Bill Nye the Science guy and have this experience...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mike Got Stuck

On Friday, Mike Literally got stuck in an elevator by himself at the Conference Center! His boss was on the other side of the elevator and took the picture above. My poor husband.

He Sent me this picture via text. I rarely get pictures from Mike so i was happy until i read his message. I felt so bad for him. He told me that He was stuck in the elevator for about ten minutes. He said that the elevator went to high and started beeping at him. Finally the janitor came along with his handy dandy crow bar and set Mike free.

On Saturday we gave Lexy a visit at her hair salon where she works. Mike Loved the Hair Dryer thing. He was relaxing underneath it for like fifteen minutes.

I was over my red hair and wanted a change to go back to my natural brown and look like Zooey Deschanel. Did Lexy accomplish the Look? I think she did and i Love my Hair!