Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy B.

Hello Friends and Family-
Once again I am procrastinating on my homework. So i decided to let the people of the blog world know what is going on in the Schoneman fam. Mike and I have been super busy. I mean real busy. I have no idea where the time goes.
*Mike is about to be finish working for the ILead department for BYU-H. He is excited for the new opportunities that come. Well as some of you may know he is going to work for Vivent as a security sales rep. I won't see him much this summer because he will be working Monday-Saturday 12:00-8:00PM. We are both nervous for this job but I know Mike will do a great job this summer. So when he is gone during those prime hours of the day I will be getting my tan on and try to enjoy the surf more :)
* As far as what i will be doing during summer is being in SCHOOL.  I will be taking 9 credits for the first block of summer. Then there will be a 5 week break which i cannot wait for and then i will resume in taking 6 credits of class. I can't really complain for going to school during the summer because i will be taking photography for both terms and an art class. I will be getting my creativity on!
* During the 5 week break Mike and I will be heading to Utah for Steve (his brother's) wedding! We are so happy for him and Mitzi!
*Also another thing that is exciting for the Schoneman fam is that Mike's sister Katie is expecting her first child! We can't wait for the little he/she to arrive in October.

Well I have to get back to researching for a research paper but hey there is only 4 weeks left of the semester! Oh happy day! Can't wait to play!