Monday, November 19, 2012

22 Things About Me on My 22 Birthday

Here is a List of 22 things that you may or may not know about me...

1.) I was born in Beaumont, Texas 22 years ago around 1:53 PM at 5lbs 6 oz.
2.) I am graduating in Graphic Design in April 2013.
3.) I have an English Bulldog, her name is Philly.
4.) I love going to school and i can't do my homework unless i have a clean house... i'm an organize freak.
5.) I live in Hawaii and I wouldn't change it for the world.
6.) When I was Young I used to introduce myself as Fruit because I loved fruit SO much...Still do.
7.) I am the youngest of 7 kids and I love each of my siblings.
8.) I love to play games...board games, Wii games, Card games.
9.) I love to hike and go to the beach to get myself Tan.
10.) I love doing Photography.
11.) I don't like doing the dishes.
12.) I despise having nubs in socks, they are so annoying.
13.) I have collected all the state coins and am now collecting the national park coins.
14.) I love to bake but when I usually bake I only have one slice or piece.
15.) I love hiking and i am currently creating a Hiking book about Oahu.
16.) I love love love Lasagna!!! (My mom would always ask me what i wanted for dinner and i would always say softly then loudly Lasagna!!!!)
17.) I love the Phantom of the Opera and having all of my sister's and Dave sing it at the top of our lungs!
18.) I can't stand it when Mike toots but when i toot i think it's the most Hilarious thing on the planet.
19.) My favorite candy is Junior Mints & I love Plumeria Flowers. 
20.) I seriously have the best friends and family in the world and i wouldn't change that for anything.
21.) I am addicted to Instagram and Peppermint Kisses (They only come out during Christmas so i stock up on them!)
22.) I can't stand to have long finger nails i always have them cut short. 

Well now you know some pretty interesting things about me. Hope you've enjoyed it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Color Run 2012

On November 3rd I ran in my first Color Run race in Kapolei. It was so much fun! I was in a group called "Run Like a Mother" Katie made up the group name and i wrote, "I'm not a mother but can i still be in your group???" Our friend Jackie commented back and said, "Your a mom to Philly so you can be in it." Both of my sister in laws ran in it, Katie and Jenni and I ran with Jenni. My dad also ran it with us and strolled Frank and Eliza. The Kids had such a great time. It's definitely the Happiest 5K On The Planet! I will be definitely be doing this race again! it's a party for sure. Who doesn't like color being thrown at them? Great time, great friends, and great company.

 This was the sunrise the morning of the race! I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was so i snapped a pic on the way to Kapolei.

                                                        Until next year! See ya then!

Michael's Birthday + Halloween

Mike Birthday is on the 28th of October and he  is one of those people who do not want the attention on himself for his birthday. I am the one who loves decorating, getting friends together and celebrating someone's life. Sometimes it's so hard to figure out what Mike wants to do because he won't tell me. Maybe it's a guy thing? Who knows but all i wanted to say was GET OVER IT and LET'S PARTAY!!!! But overall it was a low key night. My dad was in town and also Mike's Best friends The Hawkley's and the Gardner's were in town. I made some Shish-ka-bobs and a Peach pie and Carrot cake. (Mike's Favorites
 The night before Mike's Birthday we had a Tsunami warning and so we got all prepared and watched it happen in our back yard. the surge was about a foot high. My drawing really captures it huh!

                      Happy Birthday my main squeeze! 29 is your year! Love you tons! xoxo

Halloween this year was fun. Mike and i dressed up. I was a glow stick figure and mike was green man from (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.) Don't forget the Riot juice! I had a late class that night so we ended up just taking Brent & Katie's children around the block. They are the cutest. 
                                           We can't forget about Philly! She was a Pumpkin!

Carrie's Baby Shower

About a month ago I flew down to California for literally 48 hours. As most of y'all know i live in Hawaii and I am in the middle of a semester so I flew out on a Friday night red eye flight and got there Saturday Morning and came back to Hawaii Monday morning early. It was the most fun, exhausting weekend but I was so thrilled to have made it to Carrie's Baby Shower for little Van! It was so fun to be surrounded by friends and family.

I hope baby Van makes his appearance soon! His due date is on the 23 of this month! Eee